Improving Business Performance Services


  Life can only be understood backwards – but must be lived forwards.  


If you are interested in developing your own strategic leadership skills or your organisations’ capacity to drive change and improve performance then Track Training Limited can assist you on this journey. 

For an organisation looking to invest in acquiring and developing continuous improvement techniques and leadership competencies, it means that the business ultimately spends less on external support, and consultancy fees - and will grow its own core competencies specific to the business need.

Track Training Limited offers a range of resource support services that include:

  • Training and Assessment Courses staff development
  • Recruitment and Selection professional staff selection services
  • Consultancy and Diagnostic Reviews
  • Funding support via College Partnerships
  • Impact Assessment and Lean Project Mapping
  • Needs-based Approach
  • Lean and Business Improvement specialists

Training and Assessment Courses for staff development

We offer an extensive range of nationally accredited programmes delivered on company premises that include national apprenticeships, national vocational qualifications, awards, certificates and diplomas.  Ask about a course specific to your needs or bespoke packages.  Ask Daniel Jeanes for further information.

Recruitment and Selection professional staff selection services

Ask our recruitment specialist Alun Leach about our competitive market rates for our new recruitment and selection services. Alun Leach, Track Training Limited Recruitment Division

Consultancy and Diagnostic Reviews

Track Training Limited offer you:

  • Outsourcing of lean expertise to assist your CI implementation and sustain change management
  • Lean diagnostic service
  • Value Stream Mapping exercise with your management teams
  • Business direction reviews
  • Strategic Management and Leadership Master-classes
  • Access to our support network of industry experts and partners

Funding support via College Partnerships

We have exclusive training partnerships with a selection of leading UK colleges. This enables us to access on your behalf workforce development funding.  Ask about eligibility criteria and applicable programmes supported by the Government in England and Wales as different funding streams apply per region.

Impact Assessment and Lean Project Mapping

When introducing new Business Improvement processes we support the implementation of a project mapping process which supports the Kaizen activities whilst assessing and measuring impact throughout the project journey. Three projects driving waste efficiency gains are undertaken by staff.

Needs-based Approach

We take the time to understand your organisational needs and make recommendations based on a whole-company and needs-based approach. This means we will objective guidance and support aimed at supporting your plans for growth through upskilling.  We always aim to leave a skills legacy that makes a difference to your business. Testimonials are available.  We will also endeavour to signpost your organisation towards any available government funding that we have knowledge of through our partnership network to support business growth and work-based skills.

Lean and Business Improvement specialists

We offer client-focused solutions that help drive continuous improvement. Focused on achieving impact and supporting efficiency our innovative solutions are delivered in the workplace and include: Lean implementation, on-site staff training and development, management development, nationally accredited qualifications, funding search, recruitment selection and lean consultancy support.