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26 Oct 2016 New: Apprenticeship Levy for employers from 2017

The Secretary of State for Education announced yesterday that the Apprenticeship reforms proposed earlier in the year are finally going ahead from the spring of 2017.

The levy will be set at 0.5% and from April 2017 employers who pay over £3M on their payroll will have to pay a levy to HMRC which will support the education and training of new apprenticeships in the workplace.  Employers that are not eligible to pay the levy will continue to receive Government support towards the cost of apprenticeship training and assessment.

The levy applies to all UK employers but apprenticeship funding policy is devolved.  It is a matter for the devolved governments of Wales, Scotland and Ireland to decide how they use their levy income.

This is about finding sustainable solutions to fund future apprenticeships across Britain. The Government is introducing a dedicated register of quality approved training providers and is launching the new employer-led Institute for Apprenticeships.

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