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New FE and HE Partnerships Welcomed

With the drive towards achieving new commercial growth, changes to the funding methodology and minimum contracting levels, further and higher education providers are constantly reviewing delivery models and looking at engaging with the ‘right’ private training partners to help them achieve contract values and protect baseline funding for future allocations.

Partnership with Track Training offers colleges and universities the opportunity to extend provision into specialist areas focused on Lean and Continuous Improvement – with the benefit of working with a private provider who welcomes collaboration with outstanding colleges at the highest level across England, Wales and Scotland.

Track Training also source its own customer base for work-based learning programmes on behalf of its FE/HE partner – handling all marketing, business development and sales visits with pipeline clients – even managing the enrolment process.  That is not all:  Track undertakes Initial Skills Assessments, Functional Skills Assessments and provides training and assessment activities across a wide range of Work-based learning programmes (NVQs and Apprenticeships) and foundation degree level provision also.  The organisation is accredited to deliver City and Guilds, ILM, Edexcel and EAL qualifications across the UK.

Sourcing strategic partners can be complex and time consuming. Increasing the volume and breadth of sub-contracting can bring risks particularly in audit and quality - not delivering high quality provision to contract will impact on reputation, timely success rates, future funding allocations and, ultimately, the size of contract.

You have the assurance of knowing that Track Training has been working with their Ofsted outstanding college and university partners for up to 7 years and are familiar with due diligence processes. 

Track Training Limited support:

  • Audit and compliance monitoring and document management
  • Financial management of contracts and invoicing
  • Support Audits of contract requirements
  • Monitoring of enrolment and induction
  • Evaluation audits of the learner experience
  • Observations of delivery at employer premises
  • Progress reviews and reporting against timely achievement and financial profiling targets

Benefits of working with Track Training Limited:

  • We manage college and university partnership relationships extremely closely to ensure our contracts are renewed annually: work-based training is our core business and your happiness is very important to us.


  • Familiar with the main issues and quality concerns that colleges experience and effectively manage our programmes to achieve timely completions and quality of delivery
  • We maintain an ‘open’ communications policy to ensure our partners have visibility and clarity of contract delivery through regular reporting of progress against profile and recommendations for action if they arise.
  • We help protect your reputation and performance
  • We considerably reduce the administrative burden on providers, saving time and resources
  • We have industry experienced tutors and assessors who work with work employers to deliver a return on investment and measure impact.  We also monitor the quality of delivery closely, and compliance with the awarding body standards and EVs.
  • We are a small, unique business, completely dedicated to our customers.  Our customers are employers who need their workforce skills developed; our strategic partners who offer routes to funding for accredited work-based qualification delivery; our learners who want to undertake nationally accredited training which is industry relevant, nationally recognised and will help them contribute towards improving the performance and potential growth of their employer.
  • Track Training Limited won the Fast Growth 50 awards in 2012 for becoming the fastest growing education business in Wales. Track Training has scaled its operations year on year and is proud to be recently short-listed for the 2013 award.
  • Track Training welcomes the opportunity for further strategic partnerships with providers to service the needs of its UK employers – particularly in the East Midlands, North East and North West of England, Scotland and in Wales.                                                                                                                                                                 

If you are interested in speaking to us to discuss partnership possibilities, in the first instance please email Viv Compton at or call 0845 1306461.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Working with teams, whether as leader of a single team or manager of several, is an essential part of a manager’s remit. Team-working is rapidly becoming the preferred practice in many organisations as traditional corporate hierarchies give way to flat, multi-skilled working methods. Here are eleven actions for improving team efficiency:

  1. 1.      Analyse team dynamics. Good team leaders make the most of the human assets at their disposal. To do this, you need to understand each group member, how their behaviour changes within the team, and how individual responses vary at different stages in the team’s development.
  2. 2.      Communicate effectively. Strong communication links are vital to the wellbeing of a team. The most effective links occur naturally – for example, the casual conversation – but these will need supplementing by new technology. Choose the most appropriate method to suit your team.
  3. 3.      Run team meetings. Making team meetings effective is a major test of leadership skills. The key to holding a productive meeting is to involve everybody actively in the proceedings. Ensure that team members understand the purpose of each meeting and what is expected of them.
  4. 4.      Network a team. All teams, no matter what their purpose, depend to a considerable extent on good networking skills. Make full use of the formal and informal connections both inside and outside your organisation to provide valuable support for your team.
  5. 5.      Share information. No person and no team is an island. Two-way information links between a team and the rest of an organisation, and its external support are vital for efficiency. Remember that collaboration and co-operation are hindered by the absence of open communication.
  6. 6.      Think creatively. Without new ideas, teams are unlikely to achieve the breakthroughs that generate real success. Creative thinking is a team responsibility in which all members should participate. Develop it in teams through plenty of training and practice.
  7. 7.      Deal with problems. Team members not only solve problems – they also create them. It is vital to build up loyalty between team members so that all difficulties, whether personal, work-related, or procedural, are tackled before they undermine the collective team spirit.
  8. 8.      Improve standards. Any systematic approach to improving performance needs to challenge existing ways of working. Teams looking to improve must learn to generate their own tasks, tackle problems, agree on solutions, and implement their decisions with confidence.
  9. 9.      Measure performance. If something cannot be measured, it cannot be improved upon. This basic principle applies to any job. Define individual and team standards – that they always meet deadlines, for instance – to give a targeted objective by which performance can be judged.
  10. 10.  Track team progress. A good team is aware of the need to remain dynamic. Review progress regularly to maintain momentum, provide an overview, and ask team members, singly or in groups, to define specific aspects of the project that could be improved in the future.
  11. 11.  Have some fun.  A productive team is often a happy team.


If your organisation is looking for ways to develop their team leaders or managers, ask about Track Training’s exclusive ‘Grow Programme’ and the funding opportunities that we can offer at Diploma Level 2 through to post graduate Level 5.  We can allow for work-based training to take place at your company site*, at flexible times and for your staff to achieve internationally recognised qualifications through the Institute of Leadership and Management.  Alternatively you can attend a University of South Wales approved site.

Telephone 0845 1306461 or email for details.

*Minimum numbers apply. Funding eligibility varies depending on a multitude of factors, such as size of company, location, number of employees, existing qualification levels, UK residency, etc.

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University Partnership Secured

Track Training and the new University of South Wales (UHOVI) have formed a partnership to offer a wider service to employers in South Wales and beyond.  Track Training has a pedigree of senior management training and development with its Lean, Six Sigma and ILM Leadership programmes.  The partnership launches in 2013 with a new Level 5 programme in ‘Managing World Class Change’ which is available for workplace delivery and at the University’s training facilities in Merthyr Tydfil.  The aim is to make this programme more widely available and offer progression to other Lean Leadership degree programmes.

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Employers Access Skills Growth Funding

Track Training have successfully supported a number of leading companies in Wales with this Welsh Government funding initiative which is available to help support companies with growth through the investment in employee skills. Successful Skills Growth businesses supported by Track include Panasonic, Unilever and SSE.

Track Training prides itself on its ability to support employers with the training they need whilst making it affordable through its access to various partnerships and government funding streams in England and Wales.  This in turn allows us to assist our customers with the cost of training wherever possible. Our courses are aimed at creating real and tangible benefits for our customers, ensuring a return on investment in their staff development. 

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Partnership with Pembrokeshire College

Track Training is proud to work in partnership with Pembrokeshire College as part of its strategy to offer a wider portfolio of work-based training options to employers across Wales.  Track Training also works with a leading college in North Wales and across national boundaries.

At the heart of this local partnership is a will by the college and Track to respond effectively to identified employer needs in Wales, specifically in Engineering and Manufacturing, at level 2 up to advanced level 7.  Through Track’s contract with Pembroke the organisation is now able to bring a seamless offer to national employers with offices across the UK.

Employees in Wales, England and Scotland will all be offered a ‘training standard’ of delivery focused on driving operational improvements with nationally accredited training in the workplace through leading awarding bodies that include ILM, City & Guilds, EAL and Edexel.  Employees will have the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to implement real and quantifiable transformations within their organisation. 

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