Leadership & Management

"The Truth is that no one factor makes a company admirable. But if you were forced to pick the one that makes the most difference, you’d pick leadership."
Warren Bennis, 1998

For our advanced leadership programmes we believe in an experiential learning approach as people learn by doing.  It also has impact, stretches and challenges and can be fun when working in teams.

Combining intellectual understanding with the emotional appreciation of how to demonstrate leadership, experiential learning is a powerful way to raise self-awareness, develop self-control and build on the leadership capability that is inherent in all of us.  

Our industry experience leadership experts can provide consultancy support and develop an effective leadership programme, with our without national accreditation, to meet your individual organisational needs.

Our programmes are used by a wide range of clients to meet the rapidly changing needs of their environment. Whether the aim is the leadership training and development of a team or enhancing and developing organisation-wide leadership capabilities, these programmes are tailored to achieve your specific objectives.

Our aim is to help develop and grow your managers and inspire your leaders in a way that will enhance leadership development.

All our courses and programmes educate, support and develop individuals in positions of management and leadership, providing enhanced leadership skills.


It has been recognized world-wide that good Leadership skills are a key ingredient in successful management.  A good manager will have to lead. Equally, a good leader will also be a manager. Leadership research indicates there are ten key learning actions required of effective leaders:



Learn leadership skills shows you how to become self-aware and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses of your own behaviour, values and ethics.

Deliver the strategy shows you how to set out your objectives, identify market trends, make a risk assessment and develop a flexible business plan.

Encourage creative thinking shows you how to generate a vision and creative innovative solutions that will enhance your own and your team’s performance.

Set targets shows you how to produce a plan for achieving your top ten goals set against the roles you play in life and the values that you hold.

Make time to plan KPIs shows you how to think and plan constructively and how to prioritise to achieve better results.

Understand emotional behaviour shows you how to understand and control those emotions that affect outward behaviour so you give the best impression.

Inspire self-motivation in other shows how to motivate others to develop themselves, promoting initiative and self-responsibility.

Manage effective change shows you how to take individuals on a change journey and introduces the actions and skills to bring change about.

Enable communication shows you how to communicate, persuade and present so you can get your messages through better than you did before.

Take responsibility and make decisions shows you how to manage the demands of life more skilfully and highlights the importance of nutrition, exercise and stress management.

  • R-TEK Limited Testimonial

    I can confirm that R-TEK have used Track Training as a provider of training services to NVQ level for a number of years and have found them professional and competent in their approach to, and the delivery of, our training requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending their services”.       

    Alan Culliford, HR & General Affairs Manager, R-TEK Limited