Apprenticeship Levy and Digital Account Service (DAS) Guidance


The Apprenticeship Levy was brought in by the British Government in April 2017 to fund Apprenticeship programmes for candidates of all ages throughout England, for any organisations with a payroll of £3million or more. 0.5% of these organisations total payroll is paid per month to the HMRC via PAYE, then put into their Digital Account Service (DAS) where they can add candidates to fund their Apprenticeship programmes. 20% of the total cost of the programme is kept until the end for completion, then the remaining 80% of the cost of programme is divided by the length of the programme to create the monthly payments which will be taken for each candidate.  If in any given month the organisation does not have enough funds in their DAS account to cover the monthly payment requirements, they will be invoiced for 10% of the excess with the remaining 90% funded by government. 


For any organisations whose wage bill is below £3million and so are not paying into the Levy, they can gain 90% funding towards their given Apprenticeship programme and so will need to contribute 10% towards the total programme value, invoiced directly by their chosen College/Training Provider.


The below is a Step by Step guide of how to add candidates onto their chosen Apprenticeship. Please do not hesitate to contact Track Training if you require any further information on the Apprenticeship Levy or the DAS system.


Step by Step Guide

Step 1 – Set up your account on the following website using your Government Gateway ID -

Step 2 – Once you are registered log in and you will be taken to the Home Page, go to the Apprentices section on the top bar. As a note you can also manage who has access to your DAS account from this page and view how much money you have in your account etc.

Step 3 – Once on the Apprentices page, click “Add an Apprentice.” From here you will need to click the “I will add Apprentices” button and continue

Step 4 -  From here you will need to click on the “Add Apprentice” button, from where you will need to add in the Apprentices details individually when prompted. You will need to add the UKPRN number when prompted, which your training provider can provide to you, you will also need to add in the candidate’s name, date of birth, the Apprenticeship they are undertaking (Training Provider can provide), the start month, end month and the total agreed training costs, all of which your providern of choice can provider.

Step 5 – Once you have added all Apprentices onto your DAS Account click “Save and continue”, then “Approve and send to training provider” where the information will be sent the chosen College/Training Provider who will confirm the registration from their end.


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